Father’s Day Special

Special menu for our dads on fathers day. Meal is only $99 EC per person.  See our special menu below:


Miso Soup

Miso based broth served with tofu, seaweed and spring onions

Sakuragi Salad

Fresh cucumber, lettuce, crab sticks, and crunchy with light dressing

Salmon/Tuna Tartar

Chopped tuna/salmon dressed with tartar sauce and caviar

–Main Course–

Super Dad Roll

Special Sushi Roll created just for our super dads

Beef/Chicken/Salmon Teppan/Teriaki

Grilled Meat and Veges Served on a Sizzling Plate with a Side of Rice


Banana Tempura

Deep Fried Banana with Sweet Crunchy Crust and Sauce served with Ice Cream

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